Saturday, May 20, 2006

Drawing and Painting a "Twisting", Sleeping Cat and some Dutch lessons!

Well, it did rain (regen) again and is raining (regenen) today, but it's good for the flowers (bloemen), or so the humans tell us...

So, not much to do again, but sleep (slaap). I like sleeping;I'm good at it. All this sleeping I do gives my human "mother" (moeder) many opportunities to try to catch me on paper with her Pentel inkbrush and her Winsor & Newton watercolors. See how cooperative a cat can really be?! Meow.

However, I twist (draaien) a lot while I sleep, because I'm doing cat aerobics in my sleep ... have to get my exercise sometime, you know! This is what I look like "twisting".

I do, sometimes, sit still long enough so that my human can get a good painting (schilderij) of my face (gezicht) - usually while I'm in the moment I like to call "cat twilight sleep". Here, I am contemplating what I will dream (droom) about today. ;-)

While the sun briefly peeked out, Sacha and I sat on our garden (tuin) path... we love our garden (wij houden van onze tuin) !

We hope you do too (wij hopen jij ook).

Tot volgende week!

( see you next week)


P.S. You will notice our posts are almost always peppered with dutch; sometimes only words, but also sentences. We're doing this because our American human has to learn this language and it is not an easy language (although, dutch is far easier than Cattonian.. ). We hope we don't confuse you with the use of two languages in our posts, but our Dutch human and our American human actually speak a sort of combination of the two languages that they call "dinglish"! We've caught on quickly to what they speak, because we are cats (of course), but they haven't quite got the hang of Cattonian ... yet. Meow! :D

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last Month's Flowers .. so we're behind a month, do you really care?

We've been late with these pics of the garden at our house in Utrecht. Well, no time like the present to remedy this "foutje" (small mistake).

In April, the garden was full of grape hyacinths ("blauwe druifjes") and dandelions ("paardebloem" ... which translates to horse flowers... don't ask, we have no idea why).

A Tulipa Tarda sprang up in the garden, but no one knew it was there. They are native to Turkestan.

When he is not sleeping, Finn does enjoy the garden. He doesn't do much in the garden, but he enjoys it.

On the otherhand, Sacha likes to decide what gets planted in which pot. She's always busy...

Tulips ("tulpen") are always in our garden.

This is our favorite, the big red one ("grote rode tulp") !

And finally, in Arpil we enjoyed the light airiness of the white wood anemone ("bosannemoon"). Mooi! (pretty)

Tomorrow, maybe some more pictures.

Hmmm, but only if it's raining outside. ;-)

Tot ziens!
Finn & Sas

All images © 2006, Judith Nijholt-Strong ; please do not reproduce, in any form, without written persmission from the artist. (For permission, leave a comment on this blog and I will get back to you. Thank you, J.N.S.)

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Fine Art of Sleeping - one black cat's life!

Finn stays upstairs, on the bed... he's missing out on all the fun outdoors, now that spring has finally arrived in the Netherlands. Gek! (crazy)

He loves to sleep on his back... my brother is a silly cat!

Finn does it best.... Maybe he travels back to our home planet while he appears to be sleeping?

All images © Judith Nijholt-Strong, 2006
These drawings (and watercolor painting) were done by our American mom, Judith Nijholt-Strong. She can never catch me sleeping, unlike my brother Finn, because I can't sit still long enough to be drawn or painted ... too much to do outside on planet earth.


Blog updating delays - a cat's excuse:
Finn and I know we've been remiss about updating our blog - we're just cats, you know!?! Anyway, yes, it is full blown spring all over in the Netherlands and I've been busy catching birds :D :D Our humans aren't too thrilled about that, but hey, can't rely on Finn to bring in the goods...he's always sleeping!

Sometime, soon, we'll show you how beautiful our garden is...err, I mean the humans' garden!!

Tot ziens!

`````````` Sacha :-)


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