Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday (Vrijdag) the 13th! Kiss a black cat!

It's Friday the 13th!

As Cattonians, we understand that this is supposed to be a bad-luck day for some cultures here on planet earth... Holland also holds to this superstition (bijgeloof) .

I say "pffft"! What nonsense! (Wat een onzin!) .

I'm trying to kiss my brother Finn... he's being difficult, as usual.

Here's an inkbrush drawing of Finn by our "mom".
She doesn't think he's unlucky (ongelukkig) !

"Noble Finn" © 2006 Judith Nijholt-Strong
Pentel inkbrush on Fabriano watercolor paper

On Cattonia, where we are originally from (see our first ever blog post "Geen Idee"), black cats are considered lucky (gelukkig) ! Really lucky !

So, go find yourself a black cat and kiss it (if you can) ... today (vandaag) ! I'm off now to find Finn to sneak up on him and steal a small kiss (kusje stelen) .

*wink* ;-)

Just a note of reminder, because we've recently been asked to explain,
Why we blog in two languages? :You will notice our posts are almost always peppered with dutch; sometimes only words, but also sentences. We're doing this because our American human has to learn this language and it is not an easy language (although, dutch is far easier than Cattonian... ). We hope we don't confuse you with the use of two languages in our posts, but our Dutch human and our American human actually speak a sort of combination of the two languages that they call "dinglish" ! We've caught on quickly to what they speak, because we are cats (of course), but they haven't quite got the hang of Cattonian ... yet. Meow! :D


Tot ziens!


Katherine said...

In my experience cats understand the simple language of folk and feeding dish as well........... ;)

nice cat Judy!

Finn & Sas said...

Thanks Katherine!

"In my experience cats understand the simple language of folk and feeding dish as well........... ;)"

Don't they just! LOL

Sacha says she can understand everything and chooses to ignore a lot, if her bowl isn't full!


Judy, Finn & Sacha

René said...

Dinglisch, .... to funny!

Nedels, .... Grappig!

Finn & Sas said...

Hoi René :o)

LOL @ Nedels
Is ook goed !

Chuck Law said...

I must be part cattonian because I've always liked Friday the 13th...and black cats, especially in October!!

Charne said...

Grappig! I like both nedels and dinglish ;-)

And black cats are my favourite...echte zwarte dropjes!

Finn & Sas said...

Hi Chuck!!
heh heh ... Owen & Edie must be "rubbing off" on you! Give them a big "kus" for us. :o)

*waving our paws at you*
JA! JA! Finn's bijnaam is "Zwarte Drop", echt waar! :o))))


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