Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Queen's Day 2008, Colored Pencil Drawing, Tulips and lots of Orange! ~ ~ ~ Koninginnedag 2008, Tekening met Kleurpotlood, Tulpen en veel Oranje!

© 2008. Judith Nijholt-Strong
"Prinses Irene Tulip with Warm Colored Pencils" (NFS)
11" h x 8.5" w, colored pencils on d'Arches hp watercolor paper

Today is a national holiday in the Netherlands - Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) . There will be games, fun, music, flea markets, parties and lots of orange colored things everywhere to celebrate the Queen's birthday (verjaardag) ! Orange (oranje) is the official color of royal standard for the Dutch Royal Family.

"Mom" did the colored pencil drawing above in different shades of oranges and warm colors to celebrate the day. In the drawing she has included a lovely orange "Prinses Irene" (Princess Irene) tulip from our garden. The tulip is named after one of the sisters of the current queen of the Netherlands - HRM Queen Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau.

To get "in the spirit", I will spend my day in my garden enjoying "our" tulips and being appropriately dressed for this occasion ... of course!

image copyright J. Nijholt-Strong
"Sacha wears her Orange crown"

I might see if I can pop some orange balloons too! hee hee That's what I do, I stay in trouble all the time ... heh heh.

Here is another picture of our Prinses Irene Tulips. This year, "we"planted them throughout our back garden.

image copyright J. Nijholt-Strong
"Prinses Irene Tulips, 2008"

Beste Lezers,
Mocht u zich in Nederland bevinden, dan wens ik u een fantastische dag toe!

Dear Readers,
If you are in the Netherlands, I wish you a fantastic day!
Hup Holland!

About the colored pencil drawing:

"Prinses Irene Tulip with Warm Colored Pencils" was done from life using the colored pencils I own as models, as well as a tiny baby Prinses Irene tulip that I cut from our garden.

I love the delicacy of the tiny tulip and I especially love the unique coloring of the Prinses Irene tulips. The purple-brown, feathery stripes that run up from the base of the tulips through the bright orange petals on stems of greenish-mauve is a coloring that is pleasing to me...though I'm not sure why?! I'm not usually found of lots of orange in my garden, but I fell in love with this tulip when I saw it two years ago at the world famous Keukenhof gardens here in the Netherlands.

When deciding which of the many brands of colored pencils that I own to use for this drawing, it seemed to me that the range of warm orange shades in the Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils fit perfect for portraying the Prinses Irene tulip (they also were my models). Add to that the fact that the Faber-Castell and the Talens' Van Gogh caput mortum pencils were perfect for the feathery stripes & stem - I love the caput mortum pencils! lol

Materials used for this 11" x 8.5" colored pencil piece:

Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils
Talens Van Gogh regular colored pencils
d' Arches hot pressed watercolor paper

Want to know more about Queen's Day in the Netherlands?
My "kats" wrote a blog post last year about Koninginnedag , complete with some of the history and links to games - if you'd like to read more, click on: Today is Queen's Day ...

~ Judith Nijholt-Strong


Dhara and Tristan said...

Hi Sacha! Did you get some nice Queensday cat treats yesterday?

Because of Queens day we got very delicious bones! And we looked great yesterday we have been wearing specially for the queensday occasion orange collars! (which give out light in the dark! we looked sooo cool!)

The prinses Irene tulips are stunning! Good it is not planted here, we would rip it out. hehehe

Cheers from your two dog friends,

Dhara and Tristan

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Hoi hondjes! *woof woof* ... lol

I got to lick de vulling (filling) from an oranjetompouce (orange Napolean pastry.. LOL, tough to translate that)... hee hee lekkkkkkkkkerrrrrrrr (tastyyyyyyyy)!

Ik ben blij dat jullie ook een leuke dag hebben gehad!
(shall I translate? lol! I'm happy that you also had a nice day!)



Dhara en Tristan said...

O yes, we had a great day! We watched the Queen on TV , waved back to her with our paw and we have been to the city to celebrate Queensday!

Only our mom Ellie almost got a hartattack. Since she was BLOWN out of bed because of a marching brassband they were pretty loud and WAY to early passing our house.

i do not think your Mom will ever manage to draw an orange tompoes. Those tompoesjes are just to good and having these as models would be torture!

Makes sense cats like these. TomPOES. hahaha

They should call them TomHOND, we like them too!


Dhara and Tristan.

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

i do not think your Mom will ever manage to draw an orange tompoes. Those tompoesjes are just to good and having these as models would be torture! You'd be surprised what "mom" does with desserts (even the cream filled one) ... buys one to eat, buys one to paint/draw!

You could always move to the US and then you could be HOTdogs!

heh heh heh



K_tigress said...

What a lovely pussy cat's paradise garden. I hope there's plenty of cat nip. After all what cat's paradise would be complete if it didn't have cat nip?

Raluca C said...

a really cool site!!!MIAU(''meow''-in romanian))!!best of wishes!

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Thanks for stoping by k_tigress and raluca c !!

Miau ;)



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