Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heading Out!- Pen & Ink Drawing with Colored Pencil


drawing copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong
"Heading Out!" (whelk shell drawing) - approx. size: 5" x 5"
Sakura Pigma Micron pen & ink, Talen's Van Gogh colored pencils
Fabriano paper

Taking advice from the whelk shell that I drew this morning, I'm heading out too on this lovely summer day!

Summer days, like this one, are just too nice to stay inside ...

photo copyright Auke Nijholt
Our back garden.
Utrecht, Netherlands - June 2010.

We're enjoying the beautiful weather while it lasts, for you never know when you'll have a summer full of rain in the Netherlands! Sacha, my kat-in-klompen, is enjoying it too. Sacha hangs out, (usually hunting), under the shade of the trees. You can barely see her out there until the bushes or trees begin to shake - then you can be sure she's after something. lol

tot ziens!
('til we see you again)
Judy & Sacha

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Collonges la Rouge, France - moleskine drawings summer 2010

.I'm reposting this page spread from my "Travels in France, vol. 3" moleskine, because some folks emailed me wanting to see a bigger image of it. So here it is, with a little more about the village ...

artwork copyright © Judith Nijholt-StrongCollonges la Rouge, France – Summer 2010Left: Upstairs/Downstairs – a view on a cellar door of a house.
Right: View of some turreted buildings near the town’s central area.
Winsor & Newton watercolors, with Sakura Pigma Micron pen & ink

Small Moleskine Sketchbook (5.5” x 7.25”page spread)

I did get my fill of doing brick and stonework drawings this trip!!! omg... but, I do enjoy drawing/painting bricks and stone. :o)

A little about Collonges la Rouge:
Located about 1 hour south of Limoges in the Corrèze area of the Limousin, Collonges la Rouge is a beautiful fortified town/commune. We had only seen a small picture of the town in a tourist brochure and the red coloring of the buildings looked interesting, so off we went for the day.

We were very surprised at how lively and interesting this town is - well worth a visit. All of the buildings in the village are made from the local red sandstone, instead of the yellow sandstone more often used in building in the Limousin. This commune was like a mini-Sarlat (only red colored) with artisans' shops, a few bars/bistros, a cathedral, a chapel, etc. and interesting back streets/alleyways. I did buy some locally made, salt-glazed, pottery from a shop in the town and had a nice chat with the shop owner (partly in english and partly in my mangled french *). :o)

The abbey of Collonges la Rouge was founded by monks in the 8th century and from then on, the town continued to prosper as a trade village. Collonges la Rouge is on the ancient pilgrimage
route of St. James of Campostela (Spain) and was a "stop-over" town for the people on the pilgrimage. There are scallop shells carved over the entrances to many of the buildings that represent the pilgrimage route - you see these sorts of carvings a lot in towns in the Limousin area and further south in the Dordogne on the routes to Spain.

When we arrived, we were a bit surprised to see so many vistors in the town in early June ... lots! There was a large group of French "en plein air" watercolorists there too - they were scattered everywhere throughout the town, but I made sure not to be anywhere near any of them -hahaha! If I can avoid it, I prefer to sit where no one can look over my shoulder, or interupt me, while I’m drawing/painting. I’m not quite *into* having an audience while I draw or paint - which is a bit odd because when I did pottery for a living, I almost always had an audience while I was throwing on the potter’s wheel, handbuilding and glazing. Maybe, in time, I’ll feel that way about drawing/painting in public ... but not now!

Speaking of "en plein air" art, even the chickens in France do "en plein air" ...

photo © J. Nijholt-Strong


For the rest of my moleskine drawings done in France this past May & early June, see this post:

*talk about my "mangled french ... I had to go back and correct my horrific spelling of Collonges! ouf!

tot ziens,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Travels in France Moleskine", Spring & Early Summer 2010 - Watercolors, Watercolor Pencils and Ink Drawings

As promised: the drawings from my Travels in France, vol. 3, Moleskine. Spring & early Summer 2010. I worked in the small sketchbook moleskine and now this volume is finished...on to volume 4!
We did quite a lot of day trips this vacation and I tried to draw something in each town we visited, weather and a place to sit permitting. Although I didn't draw everytime we went somewhere - it can get annoying for the Dutchman and for me too! lol
For these drawings I used: Sakura Pigma Micron Pigment ink pens, Caran d'Ache, Van Gogh and Faber-Castell watercolor pencils, Winsor & Newton and Schmincke transparent watercolors, plus my trusty Niji Waterbrushes. I've ganged the pages of the moleskine up into two images, as it makes more sense to show them this me anyway.
.(click image for larger view)

image and drawings copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong
Travels in France, vol. 3 - Moleskine Drawings
Spring & Early Summer 2010: Towns in the Limousin & Dordogne Regions
Eymoutiers, Lac de Vassiviere, Nontron, Varaignes, Monpazier, La Porcherie and Collognes la Rouge
(click image for larger view)

image and drawings copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong
Travels in France, vol. 3 - Moleskine Drawings
Spring & Early Summer 2010: Chateau-Chervix, Limousin Region
Flowers and landscape around the rental house
Photo of me drawing the view of Eglise St. Dominique in Monpazier, France ...

... while having a coffee, of course!
Photo of me drawing a view of the bastide houses on the central marketsquare in Monpazier ...

... that beer and tobacco belong to my Dutchman, I had an iced tea! lol
Grande Kermit, on the otherhand, had his beer - as he always does!


tot ziens,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're Back from the Limousin!

What a great vacation we had ... and so did my kermits!

photo copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong
The Kermits at the Fête de Printemps
Lageyrat, France - May 23, 2010

Big Kermit & Little Kermit are relaxing in their new, authentic, traditional, handmade, Limousin chestnut wood basket. They talked me into buying it from the French artisan who wove it at the Spring festival (Fête de Printemps) in Lageyrat, France. Of course the kermits' ulterior motive was that I could carry them around the village fête, while they relaxed in style ... smart frogs! By the way, I can't get them out of that basket, their still lounging around in it ...

Once I get my photos of our trip and travels in France in order, and figure out just how much I want to write about (oy!), I'll show you - but first the massive amounts of laundry need doing!

Fortunately I don't have to do the laundry by hand, as shown below in this antique soap advert that was on display at the Spring festival in Lageyrat.

photo copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong
Antique French Laundry Soap Advertising Poster
Lageyrat, France -Fête de Printemps, May 23, 2010

Ahh yes, I did manage to fill up my latest Travels in France moleskine with sketches too ...

photo/drawings copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong
Travels in France Moleskine small sketch journal, vol. 3

I'll post better pics of the art journal next week ... sometime (scanning and storytelling takes time!). We saw so many interesting places and gorgeous landscapes both in the Limousin and the Dordogne regions.

All I can say is: "Je veux retourner en France" (I want to go back to France). :o)
tot ziens,


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