Sunday, June 26, 2011

May-June 2011 in the Limousin, France - Moleskine Drawings, Part 3 ~ In Limoges and at the Musée Municipal de l'Evêché

Here's Part 3 - the last weeks in the Limousin and the last of the drawings in my Travels in France Moleskine.

artwork copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong. all rights reserved.
Objects in the Musée Municipal de l'Évêche
Limoges, France ~ June 2011
pen and ink with watercolors, in Moleskine sketchbook

Did you know angels had teeth? I didn't! In the collection of the Musée Municipal de l'Evêché (Municipal Museum of the Bishop), there were two sculpted granite heads of angels, both with teeth. Originally, these sculptures would have been high up over a medieval cathedral's entrance or possibly on a wall inside a cathedral - the viewer wouldn't be able to get that close to them. I suppose that's why I've never before seen teeth on angels. I'm taking my binoculors along with me next time I visit a Gothic or early medieval cathedral!

We took several trips up to Limoges, as it's only about a 30min. drive from Chateau-Chervix. Along with running some errands, we wanted to see the newly rennovated Musée Municipal, having not been able to see it in the past few years due to the museum being closed for rennovations.

You can take photos (without flash) inside the museum of the permanent collection, but my camera battery was running out of life. I couldn't keep directing my husband to "Shoot this", "Wait! shoot that", "Oh and shoot this", all the time. Going with me to a musuem full of  "stuff" can be dangerous, or as my husband says; "It's an Olympic event!" (several of my friends can attest to that truth). I have to look at everything, which can be a painful trip if you're not willing to indulge me ... heh heh. So, I drew some things that interested me while we were in the museum and painted them in, later on that evening, back at the rental house. See, I can be nice. ;o)

I made a photo mosaic of some of the other treasures in the Musée Municipal de l'Evêché...
all photos & mosaic copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong. all rights reserved
Treasures in the Musée Municipal de l'Evêché
Limoges, France ~ June 2011
A panorama, shot by my husband, of the inner courtyard and the Musée Municipal ... (To move the panorama, scroll with your mouse.  If you are viewing this via a feed reader, you'll have to visit my blog in order to see the panorama).
Panorama and photos copyright Auke Nijholt. all rights reserved.
Inner courtyard and the Musée Municipal de l'Évêche
Limoges, France ~ June 2011

The building once was the home and offices of the Bishops of Limoges, which is why it is at the foot of the Saint Étienne Cathedral. It's a gloriously grand mansion inside, and now it belongs to the people of Limoges. :o) Entry to the permanent collection is free!

These are the last two drawings I did while in the Limousin and they are the last two in this Moleskine ...
artwork copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong. all rights reserved.
Left: View of Restaurant Des Petits Ventres in the Butcher's Quarter
Right: Final Farewell at Tavern Au Bout de Monde
Limoges, France ~ June 2011
pen and ink with watercolors, in Moleskine sketchbook

Des Petits Ventres (the small stomachs) is, of course, a restaurant, but there is also a medieval butchers museum in the same building; during the middle ages, it was a functioning butchery. We've never been inside the restaurant or the museum ... maybe next trip.
The tavern, Au Bout de Monde (top of the world), is located a short walk away from the square of the St. Étienne cathedral. Part of the street is pedestrian traffic only and is lined with taverns, cafés, créperies and a few gift shops. It's a pleasent location to stop and enjoy the atmosphere and a great place for our "goodbye" beer & wine.

Me drawing the scene  ...
photo copyright Auke Nijholt. all rights reserved.
Judy draws at Au Bout de Monde
Limoges, France ~June 2011
And as always, my Kermits also toasted "farewell"!
photo copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong. all rights reserved.
The Kermits Enjoying Beverages at Au Bout de Monde
Limoges, France ~ June 2011

I had to push those Kermits out of the way,
so I could have a taste too! :o)))

We had a wonderfaul vacation and  now Volume 4, of my Travels in France Molekines, is completed ... time to start Volume 5. :o)
A last look...
photo copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong. all rights reserved.
View of Limoge's Saint Étienne Cathedral
Limoges, France ~June 2011

I've just found out, today, that we'll be returning
to the Limousin, in the fall of this year. 

tot ziens,


Patty Smith said...

Of COURSE angels have teeth!
How else would they eat their angel's food cake??

I love forward to Moleskine #5!

I bought one, but until I am as good as you are I won't take off the wrapper. It may be a while. :-(

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

LOL @ eating angel's food cake ... but of course!

Take that Moleskine out of the wrapper (it can't breathe!) and just go for it!! Don't have to show it to anyone...then you'll soon be on to the next one and the next one, etc., etc. You must jump in with both feet Patty, or hands. LOL

And yes it was you, the one & only Patty! :o) I checked your your home in B'hamas. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

:) Judy

pencilsandpaint said...

What a fabulous collection of drawing s and photographs from you trip to Limousin. I have spent ages gazing at both and loved my virtual visit to this part of France.
I especially loved the flowers at the Gite- I am painting Nigella here too. They grow enthusiastically in my garden so I am sure they will multiply in yours too.
Thanks again for sharing your lovely artwork and photos. I feel quite inspired.

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Hi Judith!!

Thanks for the compliments and commenting on my blog. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. :)

Glad to know that I might be able to grow Nigella in Holland ... I really fell in love with the plant!

:) Judy

Meisie said...

I'm at a loss for words to say how much I enjoy visiting your blog. Suffice to say that I look upon it as a treasured treat! THANK YOU!

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Thanks Meisie, :o)

Paintings and Wanderings said...

Love your sketches- I tried taking acrylics with me on vacation.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed painting, I realized I need to use watercolors and do a quick sketch. There are so many other things to do while on vacation that I was torn between spending 4 hours painting vs. sightseeing.

It's great you get to go back to the same place. It's even better the second time around! Limousin looks beautiful.

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Thanks Kristen :)
I know what you mean about not enough time to do every thing you want to on vacation!!!



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